Guislaine Morland

Guislaine Vincent Morland is a bi-lingual (French/English) Senior Jungian analyst trained in London with The Guild of Analytical Psychologists, member of the UKCP and IAAP.  Also worked with Marion Woodman in her BodySoul Leadership Program.  Recently finished a three-year study and reading of Liber Novus, Jung’s Red Book.

Guislaine is also an artist, sculptor, and writer of non fiction, short stories.  Articles and features published in The Observer magazine, The Literary Review,  a story cookbook (Chatto&Windus).  More recently an illustrated fable, titled ‘No Name, To Be A Witch Is Not A Willed Thing, A Psychological Tale (available on Amazon.co.uk ) – which in a second part is revealed as born out of Jung’s work on complexes and his Word Association Experiment.

I read the Red Book for the first time the year it came out, the big facsimile, on my own one page at a time with my breakfast, every morning. It became a beloved presence – however mysterious, incomprehensible, heart and mind expanded and soul lifted for more or less ten months. I couldn’t wait to get up in the mornings, usually my worst time of day. I pencilled much in the margins and drew hieroglyphic doodles over the text which were also a mystery to me. A few months later I began writing a book of my own which I have yet to finish. Presently i am part of another reading group of the Red Book again entirely different – where at the Circle of Analytical Psychology (London) we each read a paragraph, here it is the two leaders who read – a man, a woman – just a little, with long pauses, and music – middle-eastern haunting wind instruments and call of the muezzin. Sometimes during or after the long pauses a conversation begins, rooted in impression, sensory process, intimate feeling – seldom are psychological intellectual academic interpretations/ explanations made. The spirit of Jung walks among us.