Ursula Wirtz

Ursula Wirtz, Ph.D., is an author, Jungian analyst, and clinical psychologist with a background in literature and philosophy. She is a lecturer, Training, and Supervising analyst at ISAPZURICH and has been internationally engaged in the training of Jungian analysts in Russia, the Czech Republic, the Baltic States, China, and Taiwan. Ursula has numerous publications on trauma, ethics, sexual abuse, and the interface of psychotherapy and spirituality. Her book in German Stirb und Werde. Die Wandlungskraft traumatischer Erfahrungen was published by Patmos in 2018. Her most recent publication is in English Trauma and Beyond. The Mystery of Transformation, published by Routledge in 2020, has been translated into Russian, Polish, Czech, and Chinese.

I engage in this project because for nearly 40 years I have accompanied traumatized individuals in their descent into the depths to retrieve the lost and dismembered fragments of their souls. In the process of working through trauma, I have experienced the dynamic of dying and becoming and the transformative power of suffering. Working in this field of trauma revealed to me what the human being actually is and can become. I would like to share my insights into the spiritual dimension of trauma as existence in extremis and of hope and despair as existential dimensions of the soul.